Your demands are our priorities.

We don’t want to just create a great software and then pat our shoulders for a work well done. With HubScience, you will get the listening ears and helping experts to guide you through every stage of your text-mining journey, in every project you have, or you will have. We give you our best product and give you our open mind to listen to your ideas and help us develop the platform to make it more useful for you and deal with the ever upcoming hiccups of the system.


Our team is dedicated, persistent and flexible, each and every one of us giving our hearts into our work because this is our passion and drive, and we will never take out the human factor of this business. We deal with similar obstacles and life challenges just like everyone and we’re not superhumans, so we won’t expect you to pay for something you’re not satisfied with. Your opinion matters more to us than your money, there are no trapping you into vague contracts simply because we wouldn’t want that to ourselves either.


When we’re building HubScience, we’re building connections, friendships, and through that, we’re building the future where professionals can get more results spending less time on finding data, and more on using it.



The ever piling up literature of the different scientific fields has been giving great challenges to experts. The publications and other sources have been packed with big data, and to find, decode and analyse these texts meant we had to step up our game as a company that works with text-mining.


That’s how HubScience was born as an answer to the need of understanding knowledge, captured in heaps of information.


We have a hybrid human-machine approach with what EDTA (extreme deep text analysis) is easier to follow and control. With us, customers will get an easy to understand platform, a fast annotation tool that’s suitable to unlock a variation of sources, and an opportunity to see the team’s and each members development one-by-one.


Together we will change the understanding of accomplished text-mining!