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The HubScience Story:
The Future of Knowledge Synthesis

2010 – The Founding of Pro-Sharp Hungary Ltd.

Pro-Sharp Hungary Ltd. was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing custom software development solutions to its clients. The company quickly achieved success in partner acquisition and built long-term relationships with its clients. The oldest client is trusting ProSharp Hungary's expertise for more than 9 years.

2015 – Internationalization of Pro-Sharp Hungary

In 2015 Pro-Sharp Hungary embarked on the path of internationalization and acquired new partners worldwide.

2019 – Establishment of Pro-Sharp Research nonprofit

The establishment of the Pro-Sharp Research and Innovation Center took place, dedicated to conducting basic and applied research and providing support to researchers in a spectrum of research-related endeavors.

2022 - The synergy of technological knowledge and scientific research

Born from the minds of researchers, HubScience began as an idea with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing knowledge synthesis methods. Over the course of several years, the first version took shape, crafted with the needs of researchers at the forefront. The solution aimed to complement, not replace, traditional literature processing methods, by building upon existing research experiences. The missing piece arrived in 2022 with a partnership formed between HubScience and the Pro-Sharp team. Their high-tech expertise provided the crucial boost that brought HubScience to life.

2023 – The Launch of HubScience

In 2023, HubScience took its final form and the project began to come to life. The project relies on Pro-Sharp Hungary team's decade of software development experience, as well as the knowledge accumulated in scientific literature processing through collaboration with researchers, the support of R&D partner institutions, and the potential support of investors.

2024 – Widening of scientific collaborations

HubScience is currently deepening its collaborations with researchers and universities. The developers' goal is to prepare the software for its widespread adoption across segments encountering challenges in managing and processing scientific literature as part of their research activities.

The Vision

Our vision for HubScience is to become a research intelligence system; we envision it as a catalyst for transformative advancements across scientific domains.

We see HubScience as a tool that empowers researchers to navigate the vast sea of scientific knowledge, unlocking new insights and accelerating the pace of discovery.

Our goal is to enhance research efficiency, drive innovation, and advance scientific discovery with HubScience.

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