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HubScience allows you to upgrade your present subscription. Our plans are: Basic, Business, Premium, Enterprise.



A Basic user: 

  • can only have 1 project

  • can upload 100.000 characters

  • cannot export text mining results

  • cannot execute batch document processing


A Business user:

  • can have 3 project

  • can upload 500.000 characters


A Premium user:

  • can only have 15 project

  • can upload 1.000.000 characters


Basic is free, the other subscriptions have a monthly fee. For more details please visit our website.

Upgrading your subscription


You can upgrade your subscription by using the Upgrade menu or Profile & Settings menu in your profile. Select the account you would like to upgrade to and click Upgrade, which leads you to a Braintree window.

Snap 2020-03-19 at 12.30.42.png

Please give all the necessary data and click Checkout. A fileds are required. 

You can pay with the following cards: VISA, mastercard, AMEX and maestro. (VAT is not included)

If the payment was successful, a message appears: “Subscription has been created successully.” 


In any other cases you get a Braintree error message. 


Hubscience does not store any payment data. All payment related information and transactions are handled by Braintree.

Snap 2020-03-19 at 12.31.06.png

Reaching the maximum number of projects or characters


If you reach the maximum number of projects or uploaded characters you get the following popup message:

Snap 2020-06-17 at 15.11.40.png

You can contact us to upgrade your account or click on cancel and delete unused projects/documents. Deleting either of them needs page refresh. The number of characters are counted after the document was uploaded, excl. txt, ris, medline.

You can check the actual number of used characters anytime in your user menu:


Invite people to your project

With a Basic account you cannot invite any other user. If you would like to work in a team, please upgrade your subscription. Click here for more on user invitation.

Batch document processing

Batch document processing (Preannotate all documents) is only allowed with a Business account or above. With a Basic account you get the above mentioned popup message. If you would like to use the Preannotate all feature, please upgrade your subscription.

Click here for more on annotation.

Annotation export – text-mining results

Annotation export is only possible with at least a Business account.


For troubleshooting please contact us
For support and training possibilities please visit our website.

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