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Document Managment


Uploading documents

Searching for publication or documents can be done by multiple ways. When you have a list of selected documents you need to add them to the HubScience system before annotation.

To add these, you can click on the ‘add documents’ button in the header and this brings you to this menu.​​

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 17.23.40.png
  1. Online Journal - (HTML format): You have to copy and paste the website reference (Url from the browser address bar) and HubScience will download and insert the full text article into the actual project. You have to have access to the full text document if a subscription is needed.

  2. Upload - in case of you have pdf or txt (PubMed Medlab or RIS format) files locally on your computer, use this option. Please don't close the browser while the documents are being uploaded. Maximum 10 files can be uploaded at a time.

  3. New Document- you can also compose your own documents, add or edit your notes, or copy-paste fragments from any source with the built-in rich text editor.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 17.33.25.png

Hubscience doesn't have right to download directly from Online Journal documents which are not free to use or need the authorization to access. In this case, try our browser plugin instead.

Uploading documents using Browser plugin

Download here​

chrome logo.png

HubScience browser plugins are available for Chrome and Firefox internet browsers. They can be installed using the above links. 

The plugin allows you to add your documents to a selected project within HubScience system while you are browsing an article without switching tabs. This way you can collect document faster and in a more convenient way.



Documents panel

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 17.10.00.png

You can browse the documents on the documents panel.

The document card visualizes the following information:​


You can sort the documents by:

  • Added at (date) 

  • Priority

  • Rating

  • Title

  • Last Opened (date)

Last Opened is the default.


If you want to know more about one document, select it and open the sidebar, where you can see additional information. 

You can open, or preannotate the document, or modify the basic information using the pencil icon. The pencil icon appears if you move the mouse on an editable text.



Select more documents using the ctrl button first and preannotate them. 

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