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Extracting information from scientific publications is fundamental for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as scientific and industrial organisations involved in biomed research.


The number of publications is growing exponentially, the lifecycles of publications are shortening, the experimental context in the broadest sense needs to be considered to understand the statements, and biomedical research is one of the areas where reproduction of experiments is almost impossible, so the reliability of results is questionable.

The literature review plays an important role in drug research as well as in discovering new connections or patterns:


- identification of potential biological targets

- reducing the possibility of side effects

- monitoring for adverse drug reactions

- identification of new mechanisms

- identification of “lead compounds”


HubScience is able to recognize content that is otherwise difficult to extract from a document, and can quickly find all relevant scientific content uch as substances, chemicals, biological materials, devices, laboratory devices, applied methods, quantitative data with units and parameters, and qualitative information.

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