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Working with Projects


Why working with Projects?

Working with Projects allows to perform the analysis in an organized way and the machine learning algorithm can be trained  by topics.


This approach comes with some advantages :

  • You can invite colleagues to your project

  • You can collect and manage the interesting articles within one project

  • You can customize the annotation category system for each project

  • You can use a special dictionary for each project

  • You can see annotation statistics/analytics together with project articles


Each created project can be selected from a dropdown menu list. 


You can also add a new document by clicking on the ‘add document’ icon, that lets you upload pdf or HTML documents.


Other people can be also added to the project, who will collaborate and share the documents on the platform if you click on the the ‘invite to project’ option on the members panel.


How to create a new project?

At the first time you log in into Hubscience, you will be in simple wizard mode and asked to create your first project. Here you need to choose a template and click the next button.

You can read more about Simple Mode here.

You can change to "Advanced mode" with the button next to the project chooser if you want.


If you want to create a new project in advanced mode, just open the project chooser dropdown menu and click on the first item "Create New Project..."

Then you only need to give a name and project will be generated using HubScience default category settings and wordpacks.

Please note: number of projects is limited and depends of your subscription. Basic user can have only 1 project. If you over the limit, then delete old, unwanted project before create a new one.

The project chooser always show your active project and this dropdown menu also allows you to change to another project. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 16.40.12.png

Project panel

On the project panel, you can find the information about the project.

The title, description,  owner,  and the list of participating members.


Inviting new members can be done by clicking on the '+invite members'. Then the email address of the new person should be given. Once the new person is signed up your project will appear on his project list and will receive an email. 


If that person has not signed up yet, an email will show up in his/her inbox informing about the invitation.  


A member can have multiple roles: owner, admin, or member role. The owner can do everything, admin can invite others and edit the category system, the member can only annotate.

Project properties: title, description, owner and list of participating members

Title and description can be changed anytime (with owner or admin role).

Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor can:

  • follow the users' activity in a project e.g. create new annotation, edit document

  • visualize all activities on a timeline

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 17.02.10.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 17.09.47.png
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