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Quick start



HubScience offers  several tools that supports scientific literature analysis. To find out more please visit our website

This document contains everything you need for a quick start.


You can sign up for free using the "Sign up for free" icon and provide your details:


That’s all, now you can login and start to work.



Hubscience offers different packages for its users. You can upgrade your license on the Profile & Settings page, or simply click Upgrade under the user name.





















Hubscience does not store any payment data. All payment related information and transactions are handled by Braintree.

To find out more about our pricing please visit our website.



Work with Hubscience

The picture on the right side shows the steps to follow while working in HubScience. The workflow is fully customisable, some steps can be omitted if necessary. 

The User Manual will explain and detail all the steps of the proposed workflow.





Hubscience Workflow.png
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