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Custom tailored text mining services

HubScience offers a complete package for knowledge management from the development of necessary toolkits to the implementation of the complete workflow supported by its professional data curator, developer and NLP team.

HubScience offers custom solutions for any text mining related problem:

  • Building vocabularies, synonym dictionaries for any selected topic by a team of HubScience professionals

  • Constructing ontologies for any topics by the HubScience professional team

  • Training machine learning algorithm – E·D·T·A – for the automated annotation of any topics

  • Extracting knowledge from big data elements and structuring the information

  • Integrating HubScience technology into any 3rd party software

  • Providing training on text mining best practices

  • Complete walkthrough the text mining process from implementation to production

  • Continuous technical and scientific support on text mining processes


At Libraries of Universities and Research Institutions

  • Fast and easy comprehension of complex matters

  • Supporting material for researchers and students to stay competitive

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Pharmaceutical sciences specific text mining services for knowledge management

  • An easy to use software interface for individual researches to support discovery processes and decision making


  • Ready to use automated preannotation software enabling fast and accurate knowledge extraction form big data elements

  • Topic specific artificial intelligence based custom services

  • Flexible technology, easy to integrate in 3rd party software

Research Groups

  • Fast and effective literature survey shared between team members enabled by machine learning

  • Information tracking

  • Personalized solutions

Data Curation

  • Smart ontology builder considering specific areas / individual requirements

  • Personalized annotation, higher accuracy

  • User friendly platform to manually check auto-processed information

  • Leveraging the power of teamwork

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