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Research Institutions and Groups

Research is one of your main profile, if not that. We get it.

Nobody knows more about the importance of clean data than you. The number of articles, research pieces and other literature you have to go through is a massive workload, and you haven’t even gotten to the part where you use your findings.

Let us help you make one part of your work fast, simple, and easy. With HubScience, you can analyse big data faster, and get the gist easily. The platform is simple, and our software is capable to deal with the monster of formats as well – PDF.

We can support you in your needs of gaining accurate and relevant information from the unstructured data written in ‘science’ language.

Choose HubScience and researching will get 900 times easier.

We’ve got your back!

Pharmaceutical companies

Clinical research. Discovery. Catalogues. Monitoring. Cross-disciplinary sources.

Some words to explain the importance of your work, and your work done the best possible.

You need the highest efficiency when it comes to storing, screening, understanding data. Without you, patient treatments can be unsafe, even dangerous. It gives great challange to companies to get relevant info about medication fast. The alternatives you can offer isn’t within easy reach in most softwares.

With us, you can create a knowledge hub that’s easy to read through. Automatic annotations will help you highlight what’s relevant, and you can simply and easily add to it what’s important for you! We are more than happy to discuss any developmental details to our platform that suits you, so you won’t end up investing into a software and find it full of bugs, and overall, too complicated and time consuming to use. Give us your trust and we’ll give you the results you need during a research phase 900 times faster!



Your professional development is important to us, let it be professors or students! With HubScience, you can keep up your game with the ever changing professional fields, especially in the different fields of science and mechanics. You have a big competition coming up? We got you covered with the process of reading materials for your project! With us, it’s guaranteed you will spend less time on researching your topic once it’s imported to our platform, and spend more time on getting the actual work done. Winning of the next robotics event surely won’t depend on you working through all the literature.

Give all your students a massive support with their finals and exams! Sign up to HubScience and make it available to all of them to help them with their project and papers. Let’s face it, a huge amount of these works are based on researching the relevant written materials. Have you ever had to read through hundreds of pages before you found something useful to put into your article? We have. Now imagine having a text-mining software that highlights all the useful keywords for you, and helps you analyse your results, moreover, finds answers to the rules you set up.

That’s HubScience. You’re welcome!


With our product, Libraries can expand their range of services. Use HubScience to make knowledge available for a wide range of users. Expand your research opportunities with a fast, effective, and easy to understand option by choosing us. Your members will never think the same about your library when in need of clean data for their research. Let them read e-files, concentrating on what is important to them, marking the gist and spending their valuable time without the need of reading through hundreds of pages. They will thank you for saving them!

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