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Digital Demo Day 2020 overview

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

It’s not only our product, HubScience, that’s 900 times faster, but our team is pretty quick too!

Digital Demo Day is hardly over, and we are already here to give you all our insights about the event.

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What’s Digital Demo Day?

Digital Demo Day is a yearly startup event organised by

„Germany’s leading Startup Expo & Conference for Industrial Tech” says their website, and we couldn’t agree more.

It’s organised for tech innovators building the future of the industry with their great ideas and unique solutions.

This year’s event was on 13thFebruary, and we attended with other companies, over 175 to be clearer. The number of people present was over 4000 from the different businesses.


There were two stages ready for all speakers to introduce themselves and talk about important topics in tech. Next to the Mayor of Düsseldorf, Thomas Geisel, we also had Peter Hornik from Digihub (Digital Innovation Hub Düsseldorf/Rheinland) CEO and Dr. Klemens Gaida from Digihub opening the day.

Shortly after them, Ramon Vullings speaker, cross industry expert and ideaDJ took the main stage and talked about the platform economy entering the industrial internet – as a keynote speaker.

We won’t tell you all that you can read on their website, but we will tell you more details about how phenomenal this day was for all digital startups.

startups from hungary on event

There were speakers and presenters and even panel discussions on the main stage, like the expert round about how startups, tech giants and traditional companies have to battle for industry platforms.

Of course, for us, the most important part was seeing our competitors, and companies in the same field talk about their projects, like the ChemLab collaborative project in which we were shown how classical chemistry and artificial intelligence together took a step to fight legionella; and the potential of modern data analytics tools workshop. In the latter, we got to discuss the analysation of the data of a specific use case for machine maintenance.

Meanwhile, a pitch contest was going on at the Startup Stage. There was a video competition before the event on Facebook that HubScience won with over 200 likes. On the day, we got to present our software with 15 other competitors.

Although we didn’t get the first place, we definitely won by getting to know all the other faces behind great ideas and innovations.

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